Obama: the USA creates the problem by themselves, not by Russia or China

The USA creates the problem by themselves, not by Russia or China. Such a confidence was expressed by the US President Barack Obama on Wednesday during the conference named "Business Roundtable" where were gathered the heads of the largest US corporations, Aksakal Media writes.

Also he is sure that all countries in the world envy America. "Our problem is not that China will overcome us in the negotiations or the Putin strategy will be better than ours," - said the head of the Washington administration. "We are the problem , - says Obama. - We harm our country."

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For example, he has mentioned the possibility of suspending the the Government work, if the US Congress will not adopt the federal budget for the next year (the new fiscal year begins on the first October ).

"This can be avoided," - said the owner of the White House. According to his version of the world "there is no country, including China, looking at the United States without envy."

"America is at the helm, if we take smart decisions. And it's not biased estimation, it's just a fact," - says Obama.

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